Mental Health in Australia is a topic on the rise, but people still don’t know quite how to talk about it, and not many people are able to talk about it in their personal lives with friends or family. In Australia, 65,000 people attempt suicide each year. A figure that harm prevention charities such as R U OK? aim to improve, by encouraging meaningful conversations that can help others get through difficult times in their lives. 

R U OK? Encourages people to build strong support systems in their personal lives. Whether it be relationships with friends, families and colleagues. R U OK? Is all about being alert, identifying someone who is struggling through conversation and then connecting them to the support they need. No qualifications needed. 

8th September, Flagstaff held a BBQ to celebrate R U OK? Day 2022. An initiative to promote a sense of community and support within our work place. Staff and participants gathered over good food, good company and fun games while raising awareness for an important cause. Colleagues took the time to step away from work, engage in conversation, and all by initiating three simple words,  R U OK? 

A gold coin donation was encouraged to raise funds for our Mental Health and Fitness programs to support our participants reach their goals! 

Self harm affects all ages, genders and ethnicities. Initiate a conversation that could change a life today!