Helpful Tools

With a wide range of expertise and experience, the staff at Flagstaff have created a suite of resources to help people with disability, businesses and the community.

Disability Employment

What is Open Employment? Learn more about the industry term Open Employment here


What is Supported Employment? People with disability can access Supported Employment with disability enterprises, providing them a job to suit their work goals, training, and support. Learn about it here


Disability employment training for HR Managers and CEOs here 

Tips on working with people
with a disability

Accessibility Checklists – Flagstaff has developed a variety of Accessibility Checklists to help businesses and community groups. View them here.


Myths and Facts – People with disability can do many great things.  Here we explore some fact versus fiction.


Disability Etiquette – Ensure you have use the right terms when dealing with people with disability. Learn about it here.

Road Safety 


Road Safety Podcasts (in the Drive folder under Road Safety for link)

In this series of Podcasts funded by Transport for NSW, you will learn all about road, pedestrian and bike safety.


  1. Learning to ride a bike
  2. Riding a bike safely
  3. What to do in a bike or car accident
  4. Pedestrian Safety
  5. Learning to drive
  6. Maintaining your bicycle
  7. Maintaining your car
  8. What to wear to be safe when riding a bike
  9. Using public transport safely

Emergency Disaster planning

Flagstaff has developed a number of tools to support people with disability and their support networks plan, act and be resilient when an emergency occurs.  These tools are free to use and encourage every individual to have an emergency plan.


Emergency Planning App – Download Here for iOS/Android


Download an Emergency Plan – Download here


What to pack in your Go bag – Download here


Emergency Planning Videos and Podcasts – Watch & Listen here


Be prepared for emergencies – Download here

Communication Apps

Non Verbal Communication App – This is an excellent tool to have on your mobile device to help you communicate to people that may not be able to speak or express themselves due to impairments – Download here for iOS/Android


Communication Board for Emergencies – Download this communication tool to help you communicate to people with disability during an emergency – Download here

Health and Wellbeing

Exercise Videos – Flagstaff has developed a series of exercise and wellbeing videos to help you in your path to health and happiness – Watch them here


Yoga Poses – If you would like some exercises for the mind and body, Flagstaff’s personal trainers have shared a number of yoga poses to try – Download here

For Business

Resources of Employers who wish to hire someone with a disability – 


Getting my first job – Emily – Watch here


Learn more about Disability Inclusion – Coming soon

Flagstaff Podcast Library

Disability Inclusion for Business podcase with Illawarra Business Chamber – Listen to them here

Powering Up Woman

Introduction to the Powering Up Women program – Listen here


Hair and Beauty tips with Isobel Foye – Listen here


Flagstaff’s Support Officer Julie Scarll talks about nutrition, meditation and the benefits of friendship – Listen here


Colour stylist, Amelia McFarlane, is a colour stylist who is passionate about the power of colour. Listen to Amelia talk about super styling your fashion – Listen here


Illawarra Women’s Health Centre’s Kim Sattler talks about relationships, how to make them work for you and warning signs – Listen here


Two Women talk about being a woman with disability and the Powering Up Women’s Program – Dianne and Emily – Listen here


Being a support worker on the Powering Up Women’s Program with Meg – How you can continuously learn – Listen here

Ember Podcast Library

Ember Podcast Series
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

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