About Us

The Flagstaff Group was formed in 1966 to provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities.

About Us

Today we employ over 350 people, of which 275 have a disability. Flagstaff is a leading Social Enterprise – providing a level of sustainability unique in the disability industry.

Our business divisions and commercial businesses include:

  • Print and Mail
  • Fine Foods & Corporate Catering
  • Coffee
  • Laundry Services
  • Recycling Services & Secure Shredding
  • Glove Recycling
  • Industrial Products
  • Packaging and Assembly
  • Shoalhaven

Flagstaff also runs a range of programs for people with a disability:

  • School Leaver Employment Supports - individual plans for school leavers to identify and remove barriers to sustainable employment and eventually transition students into Open Employment.
  • Flagstaff Vocational Pathways - unique program designed to provide students with a disability access to work experience and vocational training in a supportive business environment.
  • CareerAbility - allows people with disabilities to develop and increase their transferable skills and have access to employment opportunities in the aged-care sector.
  • Project Leap - tailored specifically to year 9 & 10 students with autism to focus on developing long-term social and communication skills
  • TAFE Illawarra Certificate II Qualifications - vocational training and educational learning for employees with disabilities.