Beginning with Road Safety, the disability safety website endeavours to provide resources, information, and tips for people living with a disability.  People living with a disability need to use the road to get to doctor’s appointments, see relatives, buy groceries and pretty much everything that most other people do in their day to day lives.  Not only should they be allowed barrier-free access, they should be able to accomplish their activities safely.

Resources such as communication boards or easy English documents and how-tos can assist in bridging this gap.  Skills such as the ability to drive is sometimes out of reach for those suffering from intellectual disability for instance, which can easily be addressed with learning material in a form they can understand.  The ability to drive a car can have far-reaching effects on the person’s life – being able to drive oneself to work or college alone is life changing.  For those who are unable to drive for whatever reason still need a way to get around and often this means cycling, walking or taking public transport.  

Visit the site now :  www.disabilitysafety.com.au