Flagstaff Macarthur Tours

Flagstaff Macarthur Site Tour

Times are now open to book a tour of Flagstaff Macarthur Life Choices. Flagstaff’s site in Smeaton Grange is unique with beyond the classroom setup giving the feel of going to work, whilst having fun and learning the skills to increase independence and gain meaningful employment. Sensitive to cultural needs this site offers a Prayer room for our participants and access to multi lingual staff.

Flagstaff is a Registered NDIS Provider and disability enterprise which started over 55 years ago in the Illawarra and operates 5 social enterprises providing meaningful employment opportunities for those living with disability.


The not for profit proudly employs over 260 supported employees and will be expanding into supported employment opportunities to the Macarthur Region soon.

Learn more how we can help people with disability in the region:

Please book into the tour below that best suits your needs. If you cannot find any dates suitable, please email us marketing@flagstaffgroup.com.au and we will contact you within 2 business days to organise a time.