What is Accessible Marketing?

Tips for your Organisation
to attract and retain customers with disability

Accessible marketing refers to the practice of making marketing materials, campaigns, and communications accessible to people with all types of disabilities. 


This may include braille, podcasts, captioning, Plain or Easy English items, checklists and communication boards.


Being accessible means that more people with all types of physical and cognitive disabilities can access your marketing and understand what you do and purchase your product or service, get information or join your movement.

Benefits to your Organisation

Accessible marketing ensures your organisation offers equity and inclusion. By offering information in different formats you can:

Accessible marketing not only benefits the people with disabilities but also brings many positive outcomes for the organisation.

How to Make
Marketing Material Accessible?

Organisations can do simple things to ensure their marketing is accessible.  Here are a few suggestions:


Benefits of Braille

Flagstaff can offer tailored braille transcription, printing and embossing services in both Grade 1 and Grade 2 braille.

Grade 1 Braille translates each individual print letter, number or punctuation mark into a braille sign.

Grade 2 Braille in addition to the alphabet uses abbreviations, common words and contractions similar to shorthand and is used by experienced braille users.

Our experienced team can create braille documents from business card size through to A3, printing single or double sided.

Ideal for the vision impaired, the types of documents that can be printed Braille are:

Ideal for the vision impaired, the types of documents that can be printed Braille are:

Flagstaff can also provide accessible marketing options with Easy English, Plain English, Podcast and Video captioning.

Your Website Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

WCAG is an international standard to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities.

Web standards are implemented in browsers, blogs, search engines, and other software that power our experience on the Web.  People with disability use the web to assist them in varies ways and may have different barriers depending on their abilities. 

There are many assistive technologies and tools that can support a person to interact with websites including screen readers, screen magnifiers, text to speech, voice recognition, colour contrast and tools for people who cannot use a keyboard or a mouse.

You can find more information and ideas at https://www.w3.org.

Inclusion is our business

Making marketing materials accessible involves understanding the needs of people with disabilities and designing materials with those needs in mind.

It is important to test and make sure the materials are working well for the target audience and identify any issues where possible get professionals to assist you.


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