The Flagstaff Group provides life skills and work for people with a disability in a supportive and inclusive environment. As a social enterprise, Flagstaff runs standalone business units that offer employment opportunities and skill development for people with disabilities.

As a registered NDIS provider, Flagstaff offers a number of community programs for people with an intellectual, acquired or physical disability.  We celebrate abilities and work with each individual to meet their job and life skills.

The Flagstaff Group is a supported disability employment enterprise. Through the business divisions, Flagstaff remains sustainable whilst bringing social benefits to the disability and economically to the local community. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, Flagstaff reinvests all profits back into the lives of people with a disability by providing entry opportunities into the workforce and life skills training.

Working here has changed everything in my life for the better. The people are great, I’m out of the house and getting a wage. I love it and would encourage others to work here too. It’s a good and happy place.
Darrell Holz, Flagstaff Recycling
I love working at Flagstaff

Flagstaff’s services include:

  • Print, Mail and Digital Services
  • Flagstaff Fine Foods
  • Coffee with a Vision
  • Commercial Laundry Services
  • Paper and Cardboard Recycling
  • Secure Shredding
  • Glove Laundering
  • Metal Tag Production
  • Packaging and Assembly
  • Custom Commercial Sewing
  • Industrial Services eg. Woodwork
  • Lawn Mowing and Garden Maintenance
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Disability Inclusion Corporate Training

Contact: T: 4272 0222 E: [email protected]

Your NDIS Provider of Choice

Flagstaff’s NDIS division, Life Choices, works in partnership with individuals in reaching their personal goals. Person-centred life skills programs for people with a disability include:

  • School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) – As a leader of the SLES program in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven, the job-readiness program is designed for Year 12 school leavers with a disability. The program supports an individual’s transition from school to employment. SLES helps students to overcome barriers, prepare, look for and gain employment.
  • Flagstaff Vocational Pathways – Vocational Pathways is an innovative program designed to provide students with a disability, access to work experience and vocational training in a supportive business environment.

    Racheal instructing a program

  • Project LEAP- Project LEAP (Learning Empowerment Achievement and Purpose) supports Year 9 and 10 high school students with Autism who would benefit from an outcomes-based project. The program focuses on developing long-term social and communication skills, whilst building confidence, gaining independence and learning new skills.

  • NDIS Support Co-ordination – Based on trust and mutual respect, Flagstaff’s experienced Support Coordination team build genuine relationships with the people we work with. Our Support Coordinators meet with you to discuss your unique situation and then connect you to our large network of services in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. We understand that the NDIS system can be difficult, and we are here to navigate it together and get the results you want. Therapeutic Supports and Counselling are also available.

  • Employment Options – Flagstaff can offer people with a disability a number of employment choices.  Whether you have a business idea and would like to try self-employment; need supported employment in an inclusive environment or would like a helping hand to get a job, Flagstaff can assist you to meet your employment goal.

  • Life Skills Programs – Flagstaff’s Life Choices team can assist people with a disability to learn a number of skills that assist them in their day to day living including cooking, domestic tasks, transport skills, budgeting and developing routines. 

For more information on Flagstaff's NDIS programs, contact:

Illawarra on T: 4272 0222 E: [email protected]

Nowra on T: 4272 0241 E: [email protected]