Recreation Supports and Community Access Programs

Do what you love doing

Flagstaff supports and encourages people to participate in the community, explore new places, try different activities and hobbies, meet new friends, have fun, learn, explore, connect and enjoy activities that make you happy and healthy.

The Flagstaff team can support you with

  • Accessing sporting and recreational activities 
  • Personal assistance to participate in social and recreation activities
  • Assistance with travel
  • Support your goals and confidence to be independent and attend activities
  • Liaise with activity organisers 
  • Support opportunities for social inclusion and community access.

If your NDIS plan lists the goals that you want to achieve socially and recreationally, the Flagstaff team will work with you to plan, schedule and develop activities to meet those goals.


Illawarra on T: 4272 0222 E[email protected]

Nowra on T: 4272 0241 E[email protected]