Do you need help using a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet?

The Flagstaff Smart Devices Program is designed to teach basic computer skills, navigate a smartphone and understand how to use apps and common websites.  

Participants will have the option to bring in their own device so they can receive support to specifically navigate a device they are familiar with.

With technology advancing at a faster pace than ever, this program will allow you the opportunity to start to develop skills in using devices/programs/websites that you will be able to use practically within your daily life.

You will learn:Smart Devices

  • General use of a computer and devices
  • Safely navigating the internet
  • Social Media
  • Internet banking
  • NDIS Portal
  • Accessing train and bus timetable including opal app.

To find out when the next program commences, contact Flagstaff Life Choices.

Support is funded through your NDIS Plan.

For more information on Flagstaff's NDIS programs, contact:

Illawarra on T: 4272 0222 E[email protected]

Nowra on T: 4272 0241 E[email protected]