Flagstaff's Virtual Sensory Space offers calming and peaceful activities where participants can use 3D sensory experiences to combine a range of stimuli to help individuals develop, break away, feel safe, and engage their senses.

By using a controlled 3D virtual sensory experience, this safe environment allows the person to use the equipment to explore and interact in a world without risk and at their own pace and control.Participants having fun with Virtual Reality

The virtual sensory experiences can help those who have communication challenges, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments learn to interact with the world around them, but in a comfortable, fully controlled space that builds up their confidence and their ability.

Flagstaff Life Choices sensory experiences are located in Port Kembla and North Nowra.  The Sensory Space is designed to recreate a multi-sensory environment where the primary senses are stimulated using sensory-based activities in virtual reality.  

The sensory space aims to develop key life skills including vocalization, gross motor skills, colour recognition and tracking as well as life skills training and communication.


Illawarra on T: 4272 0222 E[email protected]

Nowra on T: 4272 0241 E[email protected]

Flagstaff's Sensory Space is proudly sponsored by Wests Illawarra

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