Flagstaff rural fencing products include:

  • Stockman Rural Fencing
  • Vandal Intrusion Posts
  • Strainer Assemblies
  • Intermediate Posts
  • Gates and Hinges
  • Pickets
  • Wire

Flagstaff Stockman Fencing meets RTA Specifications R161. Flagstaff also offers compliance certificates.

Vandal Intrusion Posts

Vandal Intrusion Posts

Flagstaff vandal intrusion posts prevent unwanted access by vehicles and trail bikes. Our product will not burn and cannot be cut with a chainsaw, and are specially designed and hot-dip galvanized after manufacture. Despite their strength, these posts are easily handled and installed and can be driven or cemented into the ground.

Gates and Hinges
Flagstaff’s hot-dipped galvanized gates and hinges are designed to fit different post sizes. The gates can be hinged to swing in any position and don't require any drilling or cutting.

Intermediate Posts
Unique point design makes these intermediate posts stronger and easier to drive and avoid splitting when driven, while still being lightweight. Intermediate posts are available in 180cm or 210cm length options.

Strainer Assemblies
Strainer assemblies are a complete unit consisting of the post, stay pipe and stay plate, and can be used as end or corner posts. Bolt-on hinges are also available to attach gates. To make things even easier, these assemblies do not require drilling or welding.

Pickets and Wire
Choose from hot-dipped galvanized star pickets or black pickets. Flagstaff also supplies plain and barbed wire, hinges, joint-site wire, and tie wire.

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