Secure Shredding

Flagstaff's Secure Document Shredding service — since 2007.

Secure Shredding
  • Are you worried about the security of your personal information?
  • Need to know how to comply with state, federal and industry-specific regulations for the confidential data you hold?
  • Need advice on how to protect yourself from confidentiality breach and identity theft?

Flagstaff Paper to Paper Recycling division offers a Secure Document Destruction service for your business or home office to shred and recycle your confidential papers, protecting you against confidentiality breach, non-compliance with regulations and identity theft.

Flagstaff provides both locked and unlocked bins for short term loan or for ongoing hire. Drop off your documents to be shredded or recycled at our site, or alternatively take advantage of our convenient pick-up service. Our team will collect your document bins and securely transport them in our enclosed truck back to our destruction facility, where the contents are securely shredded.

100% of the paper we shred is recycled. We also offer a certificate of destruction after your confidential documents have been shredded for your peace of mind.

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You’ll be impressed by our personal service, security, and standards compliance at affordable prices.


Box Of Destruction...

Protect your confidential documents with our latest initiative that's perfect for your home, the Box of Destruction!

For only $22.00 you can purchase the box, take it home and fill with your documents, then bring it back when full - it's that simple! We'll ensure the contents are securely shredded and recycled so you have peace of mind while being environmentally-friendly.

These boxes are a great size for the home - 44cm x 32cm x 43cm 



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