With the aim of providing life skills and work for people with a disability, Flagstaff’s ethos is all about empowering people and creating opportunities for people in our community.

Flagstaff would like to work alongside like-minded companies who wish to create an inclusive world that only sees abilities. Together, let's create a long term partnership with your organisation that is more than logo placement. We work collaboratively to meet your social responsibility objectives, evaluate outcomes, content and achieve a return on your investment.

The team will work with your business to build a relationship so we can support mutual objectives and ensure long term benefits.

Flagstaff is seeking businesses to partner with us on the following opportunities:

  • Program Partners
  • Organising Joint Corporate Fundraiser Events
  • Sponsorship of a Flagstaff Event
  • Donation of a Prize for Flagstaff Events
  • Corporate Volunteering at Flagstaff Events
  • Mentoring support
  • Work experience for Flagstaff's School Leaver Employment Support participants
  • Disability Awareness Training

We would love to hear from you.


Executive Manager for Communications and Marketing on T: 4272 0203  E: [email protected]