The Flagstaff Group is an Australian Disability Enterprise and registered charity. Flagstaff’s primary purpose is to create meaningful employment for people with a disability.

As a for-purpose disability enterprise, Flagstaff reinvests all profits back into its social mission providing supported work for over 250 people with a disability. This ensures ongoing, sustainable employment that enhances lives. This work is carried out across a suite of commercial businesses in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven including:

  • Coffee with a Vision;
  • Document Scanning;
  • Fine Foods (frozen meals);
  • Glove Recycling;
  • Commercial Laundry Services;
  • Packaging and Assembly;
  • Print, Mail and Digital Services;
  • Paper to Paper Recycling Services;
  • Rural Fencing Supplies;
  • Secure Shredding;
  • Lawn and Garden Maintenance;
  • Industrial Products (tags, woodwork, commercial sewing).

The Flagstaff business model is unique in the Disability Services sector and utilises six core strategies to deliver a sustainable long-term community benefit:

1. Profit reinvestment where it matters.

As a social enterprise, Flagstaff reinvests all profits back into the business to improve quality of life and employment opportunities for people with a disability through training, equipment upgrades and improvement to facilities.

2. A thriving business model that is commercial and sustainable.

Approximately 15% of our revenue is sourced from government funding, while 85% is generated through our own commercial enterprises and funding avenues.

3. Generates a social return in addition to a social return in our community.

Flagstaff is committed to providing life skills and meaningful employment for people with a disability. Our integrated workforce enjoys equal opportunities, rights and obligations.Emily Frost working in Laundry

4. Democratic decision-making — All for one and one for all.

At the heart of the Flagstaff model we promote our key values to lead, include, celebrate and support.

5. Equality and Inclusion.

All employees are paid at an award or at productivity-based rates. Our economy benefits because our employees have disposable income to spend at local businesses. We provide an inclusive work environment where everyone is treated equally.

6. Employees with a disability make up the majority of the company's workforce.

75% of Flagstaff's employees have a disability and receive the Disability Support Pension.

Flagstaff enjoys working in close relationship with all our customers and providing them with the opportunity to partner in this valuable community service.

“I'm more outgoing and social now. The people are really nice and appreciate my abilities for what they are, and my workmates are so much fun. I really appreciate having my work appreciated for what it is. It's great, I love it.“

Emily Frost, employee (pictured)