Project Leap

Isn’t it fun to plan a project, work on it, see it through, and feel a sense of achievement when completing it. 

Project Leap

Designed for high-school students with Autism Years 9-10

Project Leap is Flagstaff’s latest initiative, tailored specifically to year 9 & 10 students with autism. It has stronger focus on developing your long-term social and communication skills, rather than purely focusing on vocational skills and on-the-job training, which have strong emphasis in the later school years through our other pathways programs.

The program consists of a series of mini-projects which you will continuously develop and work on to achieve an end-goal. The program runs over a 5-week period, with students attending for 2 hours per week. To support you and your families, we provide transport to and from the project’s site.

We formally launched Project Leap in February 2017. A group of year 9 students with autism from Dapto High contributed to the development of this program, helping to form the program’s name and overall design in preparation for the launch. These Year 9 Dapto High students, along with the financial support received from Wests Illawarra, have been a huge help in the creation of this project.

Are you ready to make a leap into an exciting project? For more information about our Project Leap program, please contact Rod Clark:

Rod Clark
M: 0437 600 511
T: (02) 4272 0227
260 Nolan Street, Unanderra NSW 2526
PO Box 6125, Wollongong NSW 2500


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