Through the Disability Inclusion Discovery program, Flagstaff provides training and information resources to businesses so they may overcome the misconceptions of hiring people with a disability and equip them with the tools to confidently develop a plan to include people with disabilities in open employment and create inclusive workplaces. 

Why employ people with disabilities?

  • Talented
  • Keen
  • Reliable
  • Productive
  • Reduced turnover
  • Workplace diversity
  • Reduced work-related accidents
  • Encourages innovation and creative thinking because people with disabilities face many challenges that they need to overcome
  • Less risk of discrimination lawsuits and
  • Improves a company's image as an inclusive business

There are a host of benefits to businesses when hiring a person with a disability.  The simple decision to consider hiring people with disabilities increases the number of prospective applicants.  Lower absenteeism, greater reliability and productivity, reduced employee turnover. Statistically as low as 34% of the cost to business in comparison to their colleagues.

Face to face and online training modules are available in:

  • Disability Awareness
  • Inclusive Customer Service
  • Hiring a Person with a Disability - CEO Module
  • Hiring a Person with a Disability - Human Resource Specialists Module


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