Did you know that over 70 million gloves are imported into Australia each year?

Reduce Landfill and Save Money

Flagstaff glove laundering is committed to preventing single-use of gloves and decreasing landfill. As part of the Flagstaff Commercial Laundry, we recycle approximately 12,000kg of gloves per year and prevent thousands of these gloves from entering landfill.

The glove cleaning and recycling service collects and launders industrial work gloves for reuse, allowing the gloves to be recycled up to five times instead of being disposed of after single-use.

How It Works

Flagstaff's Glove Recycling program will save you money on glove acquisition as well as meeting requirements to be more environmentally friendly.

Laundering dirty gloves allows your company to invest in better quality gloves for your workers and provides a great return on investment, as gloves can be reused several times.

Flagstaff takes your soiled kevlar, leather, rubber and polycotton gloves and launders them to certified Hospital Grade standards. Gloves are washed and dry cleaned to keep their integrity, then processed through a special metal detector that has the ability to detect small shards of the metal not visible to the naked eye.

The gloves that are suitable for reuse are paired and repackaged then returned - good as new. The result is a hygienic product at a fraction of the cost of a new pair.

Glove Laundering services include:

  • Australian standard laundering
  • Rigorous visual inspection
  • Metal detection
  • Sorting/pairing
  • Delivery

Contact: T: 4272 0272 or E: [email protected]