Join Flagstaff's exciting fitness training program with our accessible workout indoor and outdoor space and expert personal trainer!Image: participants lifting weights in gym

Is your health and wellbeing important to you? Flagstaff's purpose-built exercise facility in Port Kembla and North Nowra, boasts state-of-the-art exercise equipment, carefully selected to enhance a person's training needs and specifications. The fitness training room has been specifically designed with accessibility and education in mind for group classes and one-on-one sessions.

All abilities are catered for, as Flagstaff's qualified personal trainers are also experienced Support Facilitators. The fitness team understand the traditional barriers people with disabilities face at gyms and take a holistic approach to physical health with supportive care is our specialty.

Personalised fitness programs are created to focus on achieving specific goals and to complement existing health care plans provided by your team of therapists. We are here to make you fit, happy and healthy!

Fitness Training offers one-on-one support or group training.  Talk to the Flagstaff Fitness Instructors on the day and time that best suits you.

Feel confident and empowered to make healthy eating decisions that work for you with education sessions that teach the importance of nutrition.

Mohammad is great at establishing goals with you and helping you achieve them... The fitness program is very accommodating of my scoliosis.
Holly Charlesworth, Fitness program participant

Have fun with group exercise sessions, learn about nutrition and get fit.

Fitness Centre Hire for Allied Health Professionals

Allied health professionals are encouraged to come and facilitate care programs alongside our trainers. This level of collaboration allows for a greater level of understanding for all parties working to benefit NDIS participants.


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