Disability Inclusion Discovery (diD) is a training and support program to ensure your business is inclusive and accessible to customers and employees with a disability.

A study has found that businesses do not exclude potential hires with a disability due to discrimination. Rather, they lack the knowledge and training to do so. This is what the Disability Inclusion Discovery program aims to correct. Providing training and resources to remove these barriers.

Disability Inclusion Discovery has three components that can be delivered together or separately and have three distinct target groups.

Face to face and online training modules are available in:

  • Disability Awareness
  • Inclusive Customer Service
  • Hiring a Person with a Disability - CEO Module
  • Hiring a Person with a Disability - Human Resource Specialists Module

In addition, we can provide accessibility audits, assist with employment readiness and help you gain an Inclusion Tick of Approval for your business.

To learn how your business can be more inclusive and accessible, visit www.did.org.au.

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