Coffee sales, packaging and distribution.

Flagstaff roasts it's own coffee range using state of the art Italian technology and packaging for local and national distribution. All proceeds support Flagstaff programs for people with a disability.

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Services include:Image: Custom black bag of coffee with text reading

  • Custom coffee roasting and packaging;
  • Wholesale coffee;
  • Online retail coffee;
  • Coffee machines and equipment;
  • Premix powders inc. hot chocolate, tea and chai latte;
  • Personalised coffee hampers and labels.

Our wide range includes different sizes and options, check our Coffee With A Vision store for the latest range.

We all know a coffee lover! – Coffee With A Vision also creates personal Coffee Hampers as a perfect, unique gift for that special someone.

Contact: T: 4272 0201 E: [email protected]

View our coffee store