Who We Are

Flagstaff celebrates an award-winning culture of helping others and maintaining a positive ‘can do’ attitude for employees and clients.

Who We Are


"Working here has changed everything in my life for the better. The people are great, I’m out of the house and getting a wage. I love it and would encourage others to work here too. It’s a good, happy place"

Darrell Holz, Flagstaff Recycling

Our Vision: A world that only sees abilities.

Our Mission: To provide life skills and work for people with a disability.

Our Values:

  • Support. We provide a supportive environment for our employees and customers.
  • Celebrate. We enjoy what we do and celebrate achievements.
  • Lead. We provide positive and innovative industry leadership within our organisation and in our community.
  • Include. We embrace the variety of life and what inspires you.

Flagstaff’s purpose is to create meaningful employment for people who face barriers to work as a result of a disability. The Flagstaff Group is a supported disability employment enterprise that both competes in the world of business and brings social benefits to our employees and the community.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Flagstaff reinvests all profits back into the lives of people with a disability by providing entry into the workforce. 


In the last three years, we won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Australian Charity Awards; the Employer of Choice Award and Excellence in Workplace Safety Award at Shoalhaven Business Chamber Awards; the Industry Collaboration category at NSW State Training Awards; the Sydney Council Sustainability award; our CEO Roy Rogers won the Business Leader of the Year at Illawarra Business Chamber Awards; and we have been nominated as a Finalist in the Prime Super Community of the Year award at the NSW/ACT Regional Achievement and Community Awards.

Celebrating 50 years

The Flagstaff Group bounced into life in 1966 to provide meaningful employment for people with a disability. Today, the organisation has two key sites located in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions employing over 350 people, of whom 280 are people with disabilities.

Flagstaff is proud to be a Social Enterprise that is Commercially Sustainable. Flagstaff invests in skills development and training programs to ensure that all employees take advantage of opportunities to develop their full potential.

The Flagstaff Group is also a leading Social Enterprise, providing a level of sustainability unique in the disability industry. 

To ensure continued growth and success, Flagstaff maintains a commercial focus. Our CEO, Roy Rogers, who won the Business Leader of the Year Award from the Illawarra Business Chamber in 2016, leads our commitment to excellence in customer service and quality products.



The Flagstaff business model is unique in the Disability Services sector and utilises six core strategies to deliver a sustainable long term community benefit:

1. Profit reinvestment where it matters.

We reinvest all profits back into the business to improve quality of life and employment opportunities for people with a disability through training, equipment upgrades and improvement to facilities.

2. A thriving business model that is commercial and sustainable.

Only around 15% of our revenue is made up of government funding, while 85% is generated through our own commercial enterprises.

3. We make profits and generate a social return in our community.

We are committed to providing life skills and meaningful employment for people with a disability. All of our integrated workforce enjoy equal opportunities, rights and obligations.

4. Democratic decision making means we are all for one and one for all.

At the heart of the Flagstaff model we promote our 5 values of celebrate, inclusion, accountable, innovate, and integrity.

5. We pay all employees fairly for the task undertaken.

Our economy benefits because our employees have disposable income to spend at local businesses.

6. Employees with a disability make up the majority of the company's workforce.

75% of Flagstaff's employees have a disability and receive the Disability Support Pension.


Flagstaff offers our clients competitive, high quality, award-winning products and services; and creates an inspiring environment for employees to deliver their best and achieve the life they choose. In 2013, we won the Australian Disability Enterprise Excellence award at the National Disability Services Conference.

“I'm more outgoing and more social now. The people are really nice and appreciate my abilities for what they are, and my workmates are so much fun. I really appreciate having my work appreciated for what it is - it's great, I love it.” (Emily Frost, employee)

Come and do business with us or join us as an employee - Be Inspired. Achieve. Deliver.