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Ryota's Journey To Open Employment

Ryota Schettino was dedicated to achieving his goal of open employment, and with the support of The Flagstaff Group's Life Choices team, Ryota gained open employment with Flagstaff's community partner Wests Illawarra. 

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Ryota's Journey To Open Employment
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The Flagstaff Group is delighted with our latest video production featuring past employee and Life Choices participant Ryota Schettino, who achieved his goal of open employment. The Flagstaff Group recently worked on this film with production organisation Beyond Empathy to capture Ryota’s touching story on film.

Ryota joined Flagstaff in 2015, and in 2017 he achieved open employment with Flagstaff’s community partner Wests Illawarra, who Flagstaff has worked closely with for many years. This partnership has assisted many people with a disability, with Wests supporting a number of Flagstaff Life Choices programs bringing them to fruition.

Throughout his time working at Flagstaff and participating in the Transition to Work program, Ryota received on the job training and work experience in his chosen field of hospitality. He learnt the necessary skills and completed a TAFE Certificate II in Café Skills. Flagstaff began working closely with Ryota and Wests Illawarra to organise work experience. This was a step in the right direction for Ryota, who had set a goal to achieve open employment in hospitality. Ryota’s hard work throughout his work experience and the provision of support from Flagstaff led to Wests Illawarra offering him an open employment position within their organisation.

Flagstaff CEO Roy Rogers has high praise for Ryota and the Life Choices team that helped him achieve his goals. He explains “Flagstaff tailors solutions for people with a disability like Ryota to overcome barriers to achieve their goals, and gain skills and supported employment. We collaborate closely with industry partners that enable us to offer tangible work experience and opportunities.”

Flagstaff takes every opportunity to engage their supported employees and Life Choices programs participants in interesting experiences. This video production was no exception, with 3 Life Choices participants supporting the film crew on location at the shoot. These participants received hands-on training in filming and production, as well as experience both behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera.

This video highlights the importance of Australia Disability Enterprises like Flagstaff in providing valuable training and supported employment for people with a disability. These opportunities are vital in creating pathways to help achieve goals, develop skills and gain experience in their chosen industry. Stories like Ryota’s demonstrate how positively these opportunities impact the person with a disability, their workplace, and the wider community.

View the film here! Watch Ryota’s Journey to Open Employment – Youtube.