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Recycling Containers Benefit our Land and Community!

By Amy Bennett Thursday, 26 Apr 2018

Recycling Containers Benefit our Land and Community!
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The Flagstaff Group congratulates St Vincent De Paul Society (Vinnies) on the launch of their new Bulk Container Deposit Centre in Unanderra!

Operating as part of NSW’s container deposit scheme, the second of its kind container deposit centre has the capacity to process approximately 100,000 containers per day – taking large volumes of containers out of landfill to process and recycle.

According to the NSW EPA, over 4.2 billion containers are consumed in NSW which makes up 49% of volume of litter in the state. These items take hundreds to thousands of years to break down when not recycling correctly, causing damage to our oceans and lands and the flora and fauna in the area.

Not only will the container deposit centres and scheme assist with removing these recyclables from landfill and the being inappropriately disposed, but it will also assist the community though supporting not-for-profit organisations such as Vinnies and The Flagstaff Group.

Vinnies advocates on several pressing social justice issues such as homelessness, poverty and low-income support, whilst also supporting Indigenous Australians and asylum seekers. The Bulk Container Deposit Centre is a new initiative funds stream to assist Vinnies with a focus on Australians experiencing disadvantage and homelessness in our community.

Flagstaff is the Illawarra and Sholahevn’s largest social enterprise, employing over 280 people with a disability and providing Life Choices programs to assist with unlocking the potential of people with a disability to reach their goals. Flagstaff supports Vinnies and is looking forward to seeing the community be involved in protecting our environment and supporting organisations such as Vinnies.

Flagstaff Paper to Paper is working with Remondis in supporting Vinnies and the Container Deposit Centre by collecting container recycling bins and transporting from collection sites to the Centre. Flagstaff’s Paper to Paper division is the largest paper and cardboard recycling plant in the Illawarra and is dedicated to removing recyclables from landfill.


The Vinnies Container Deposit Centre facility is located at 10-12 Investigator Drive, Unanderra NSW 2526 and is open from 8am to 3.30pm Monday to Saturday, for both the general public and businesses.

 > For more information on the Vinnies Container Deposit Centre please follow the link:

 > For more information on the Container Deposit Scheme’s “Return and Earn” please follow the link:


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