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Project LEAP Launch

Wednesday, 8 Mar 2017

Project LEAP Launch
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The Flagstaff Group’s latest initiative Project LEAP was officially launched this week at a special event held at Flagstaff’s Café Vizioné.  Project LEAP is an outcomes-based program where participants work together to complete a series of mini-projects to achieve an end-goal. Project LEAP developed as an extension of Flagstaff’s Life Choices program Vocational Pathways. Although initially designed for high-school students with Autism, Project LEAP has transitioned to suit any students who would benefit from working on a project with goals and a strong outcome-based focus. This opportunity develops independence and confidence as well as developing long-term community, social and vocational skills in a goal-focused environment.

Three year 9 students from Dapto High School helped develop the pilot program and prepare for the launch, including forming the name of the program, designing the logo and promotional materials, and planning catering and invitations for the launch event. The students ran their own team building exercise at the launch, demonstrating some of the skills that they had learnt during their program. Guests also heard speeches from Dapto High School teacher Mark Lucas, sponsor Aster Group’s Stacey Corbeski, and Flagstaff board member Oscar Gregory. Flagstaff’s CEO Roy Rogers also said a few words and presented the students with their certificates before the event wrapped up and guests enjoyed the delicious catering provided by Café Vizioné.

The programs biggest supporters are the students themselves, all of them recommended the program to future students. Year 9 participant AJ spoke positively of his progress through the program, saying ‘LEAP was a big learning curve for me’. Classmate Chris said that his favourite part was ‘preparing for the launch, as well as meeting with the Flagstaff design and marketing teams to brainstorm the ideas for the posters and logo’. Another participant Matt acknowledged that he ‘learned a lot of new things during the program’ and joked that taste-testing the catering for the launch was his favourite part.

“Project LEAP connected us with new people and helped us grow our social skills. We worked together outside of our comfort zones to help create this project. We hope that future groups enjoy this program as much as us!” – Project LEAP 2017

Project LEAP runs over a 5-week period, with students attending for 2 hours per week to work on their project. Project LEAP is proudly supported by Wests Illawarra. The support has been significant in helping The Flagstaff Group and the Year 9 Dapto High students create this program.

For more information on Project Leap or any Flagstaff programs, contact our Life Choices team on (02) 4272 0227 or