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Pippi's Cafe registered as Responsible Cafe!

Thursday, 6 Sep 2018

Pippi's Cafe registered as Responsible Cafe!

Flagstaff is delighted to announce that Pippi’s Café is now a registered Responsible Café!

Australia discards 3 billion takeaway cups and lids each year, most of which are never recycled. We’re doing our bit at Pippi’s Café to make a difference and help the planet with this new initiative, encouraging customers to bring their reusable cup for a discount!

Reject single-use cups and help the planet by simply bringing your reusable cup along the next time you come to Pippi’s Café. We’ll give you a 50c discount on all full-priced coffees purchased in a reusable cup (both regular and large size!)

Find out more about this fantastic initiative at

Customers will also soon be able to purchase their own re-usable coffee cup directly from Pippi’s Café! Watch this space for release dates and more information.