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Launch of BuyAbility - Social Impact Tool

Monday, 12 Dec 2016

Launch of BuyAbility - Social Impact Tool
NDS BuyAbility logo

The National Disability Services (NDS) recently launched a new campaign called Buyability, a campaign aimed at bringing together the network of “Supported Employment Enterprises” (SEE) to collectively promote social and inclusive business procurement.

The tool is a first for the sector and the launch of Buyability provides the network of SEE’s a ‘social impact tool’, which will allow the industry to provide tangible social and economic outcomes and measurable impact of what it really means for businesses to utilise goods and services produced by SEE’s. This impact will show the value of supported employment and the benefit it has on the wider community.

This network of SEE’s will collectively promote social and inclusive procurement, which supports the employment of people with a disability. The new campaign also sees a transition from the term Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) to Supported Employment Enterprises (SEE) as well as a brand new logo.

Flagstaff is excited about the opportunities the tool presents to promote supported employment to potential employees, buyers and government and is committed to being part of the Buyability campaign because it is a key initiative to address employment participation for people with disabilities as well as establishing Supported Employment Enterprises as valued suppliers of quality and socially responsible goods and services.

Buyability is an important initiative working towards increasing employment opportunities and participation for people with disabilities. This campaign will also help to establish the tangible value of Supported Employment Enterprises as suppliers of goods and services that are of high quality and socially responsible.

As a Supported Employment Enterprise employing over 280 people with disabilities, this campaign aligns with Flagstaff’s Vision of unlocking the potential of people with disabilities to reach their goals.

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