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Flagstaff’s Safe Work Day

Thursday, 26 Oct 2017

Flagstaff’s Safe Work Day

Flagstaff had a big day today for their annual Safety Day! October is Safe Work Month, so Flagstaff has been engaging in a range of activities throughout the whole month to promote discussions about safe work. Safety Day was the biggest event during this month, which involved both Unanderra and Nowra sites, special guest speakers, and a bit of extra fun as staff and employees dressed up in their brightest fluro for the day’s theme.

Flagstaff had the privilege of hearing from two special guest speakers Nigel Smith and Ryan Hamilton. Nigel lost his leg in an industrial accident, which he worked to overcome and return to work as well as go on to represent his country in volleyball. He spoke about his accident and how it has impacted his life, and how he has gone on to reach such amazing achievements. Ryan is a personal trainer at Hamilton Health & Fitness who aims to help people get moving and become healthier, and educated us on the benefits of this in the workplace. He explained the importance of staying hydrated and energised at work, and how exercise and healthy foods can help us all achieve that.

Flagstaff employees and staff took this opportunity to talk about the importance of safety and ensuring that we are looking out for all our workmates and creating the safest environment for everyone. 


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