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Flagstaff's File Fling for National Recycling Week!

Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017

Flagstaff's File Fling for National Recycling Week!
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On Friday 17th November The Flagstaff Group celebrated Planet Ark's National Recycling Week 2017 with a Friday File Fling event!

Friday File Fling is a great chance for workplaces to declutter papers and files whilst reminding us all about the importance of recycling!

This event is supported by Planet Ark as part of National Recycling week (November 13-17) which is an opportunity for Australia to focus on the environmental benefits of recycling while educating others and stimulating behaviour change.

Flagstaff’s Paper to Paper division in Unanderra is passionate about recycling and keeping recyclable goods out of landfill where possible which is why division manager, Adrian Sartor, wanted to get Flagstaff involved in the Filing Fling event. Our Paper to Paper division has over 24 years of experience and is the Illawarra and Shoalhaven’s largest white paper and cardboard recycler processing over 16,000 tonnes of paper, cardboard and plastic each year from local businesses.

Flagstaff have a free cardboard drop off site at our Nowra and Unanderra locations and have also welcomed a domestic recycling initiative called ‘The Box of Destruction” to assist with recycling secure documents collected at home such as tax papers, bank statements, health records and more.

Simply grab your Box of Destruction from our Nowra or Unanderra site, take it home and fill it up with your sensitive, confidential and personal documents, files and papers, drop it back to Flagstaff and we will destroy your items using our industrial grade shredders. Not only are you keeping your secure and sensitive documents out of the wrong hands and avoiding identity theft, but you are doing so with the environment in mind whilst supported a local social enterprise!

Check out the great pictures of Flagstaffers being involved with the Friday File Fling below!


For information on Flagstaff's recycling services and products, please contact:

 Amy Bennett - Sales and Customer Service Coordinator

PH #4272 0225

PH #0417 285 138



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