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Flagstaff now offering Braille Printing

Thursday, 10 Nov 2016

Flagstaff now offering Braille Printing

The Flagstaff Group is very excited to be offering a braille service through our Print and Mail division! This tailored service uses the latest technology to create high quality braille products including Braille printing, transcription, and embossing.

The Flagstaff Group provides meaningful employment and training to people with a disability, operating a range of commercial businesses including our Print and Mail division. The new Braille service is another innovative way that Flagstaff has found to help people with a disability in our local community and beyond. Plus, we are the only commercial printery offering Braille printing in the Wollongong region!

Our team has acquired brand new machinery to deliver these Braille services, enabling us to create brochures, flyers, business cards, books and posters. These documents can be produced in a large range of dimensions, from business card size up to A3.

Flagstaff is proud to offer this valuable service which is such an important aspect for many offices, family members, businesses or teachers looking to assist those who are visually impaired. Our Braille service offers an efficient solution to the restrictions faced by people with disabilities by increasing their access to a wide range of printed materials.

Contact Flagstaff Print and Mail to find out more about our Braille printing services on (02) 4272 0257.