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Flagstaff Involved in Sustainable Car Safety Seat Recycling Trail

By Flagstaff Tuesday, 1 Aug 2017

Flagstaff Involved in Sustainable Car Safety Seat Recycling Trail
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A child safety seat recycling scheme is being trialed in our local area offering the community an environmentally sustainable way to dispose of used child safety seats. This program aims to reduce landfill and create job opportunities for people with a disability working at The Flagstaff Group. 

The new child seat trial is being run by environmental and sustainability strategy company Equilibrium, offering a free and environmentally-friendly option to responsibly dispose of old or broken child car restraints. The Flagstaff Group provides meaningful employment and training for people with a disability. Their Shoalhaven site employees will be heavily involved in this program dismantling the seats, so there is a positive social outcome of providing employment for people with a disability as well as the environmental benefits.

Approximately 200,000 child car seats are disposed of every year, with the majority ending up in landfill. As 90% of the seat’s materials are recyclable, this is a significant waste. The trial program aims to divert over 900 tonnes of waste from landfill. Families can support this program and reduce their environmental footprint by disposing their safety seats to the collection sites until30th August.

 “Currently there are limited options in Australia for families to responsibly dispose of their old or broken safety seats in a sustainable way. This trial offers this solution while also helping us provide meaningful employment for people with a disability” said The Flagstaff Group CEO Roy Rogers.

Families, organisations and community members are invited to take advantage of this trial in our area and dispose of any used child care safety seats. Damien Wigley, Equilibrium General Manager says “Sitting and gathering dust in a garage and waiting for the right time to pass on your used child car safety seat may soon be a thing of the past. Given the amount of recyclable material in a child car safety seat the most responsible option would be to send them for recycling”.

The following types of child car safety seats are being accepted for disposal:

  • Rear facing infant carriers and bases;
  • Forward facing seats;
  • Booster seats;
  • Items that attach directly to the seat or carrier supported by the manufacturer.

The collection sites until 30th August are located at:

  • Kiama Community Recycling Centre, 446 Riverside Dr, Minnamurra NSW 2533
  • Flagstaff Shoalhaven, 102 Pitt Street, North Nowra NSW 2541 (8:30am-3:00pm weekdays)


You can check out this short video to hear Damien speak more about the importance of this project and to see some of the Flagstaff Shoalhaven team in action dismantling the products.


If you would like to find out more about the trial program, contact:

Karen Burdett
Group Sales and Marketing Coordinator
(02) 4272 0203