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Flagstaff employees complete CareerAbility program

Thursday, 17 Nov 2016

Flagstaff employees complete CareerAbility program

The Flagstaff Group are very proud of the seven employees who have completed the CareerAbility in Aged Care program this week. Participants received a Certificate of Attainment for four units of competency in a Certificate III in Individual Care after completing the 10-week program, which was developed through a community partnership between The Flagstaff Group and IRT.

IRT Group CEO Nieves Murray has announced that two participants will be offered traineeships with IRT Care, which will combine the remainder of their studies in the Certificate III with paid employment at the IRT Care Centre. “I’m thrilled that two of our graduates will join IRT as trainees and be invited to combine the completion of their studies at IRT College with paid employment in an IRT Care Centre”, said IRT Group CEO Nieves Murray. The remaining five graduates have also been offered the opportunity to complete their training with the IRT College with funding assistance from the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled Program.

Flagstaff Group CEO Roy Rogers believes the CareerAbility in Aged Care program has been a great success. “The participants were mentored through their training and skills development, and gained valuable hands-on experience in a real life work situation. All participants are continuing on to achieve a traineeship or employment in the aged care sector, so we are very proud of what our community partnership with IRT has achieved, as well as the employees who participated in the program” he said.

This is a fantastic outcome for the graduates and future initiatives between The Flagstaff Group and IRT, especially given this was the pilot program. Since the program’s launch in September, participants undertook work experience in IRT Care Centres where they developed their transferable skills in cleaning, food preparation, food handling, and communication. The participants gained valuable hands-on experience and key skills development and training opportunities. The training was delivered in a supportive environment, removing the barriers to training and employment that are often faced by people with a disability. Participants are now well on their way to completing a traineeship or starting a career in the aged care sector. Both The Flagstaff Group and IRT are looking forward to future endeavours together and are excited to see what the participants will continue on to achieve in their futures.