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Flagstaff Employee Gains Open Employment

Monday, 9 Jan 2017

Flagstaff Employee Gains Open Employment
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Congratulations to Flagstaff Group employee Ryota Schettino who has just secured open employment with the Aster Group. Ryota will shortly finish his current work with Flagstaff's Café Vizioné and begin his new role in January 2017.

Ryota completed the Transition to Work program during his time at Flagstaff, which has helped him transition into mainstream employment and learn safety, communication and teamwork skills. Ryota’s work with Café Vizioné also helped him to learn a wide variety of different hospitality skills while he was completing a TAFE Certificate II in Café Skills.

Having completed work experience with Aster Group at Wests Illawarra restaurant Table & Spoon, Ryota will have the chance to develop many skills in his new role, including greeting customers and providing information, table service, handling orders and checking customer satisfaction to provide feedback.

In addition to his skills developed at work, Ryota is somewhat of a coffee connoisseur and is usually found with a cappuccino in his hand! He loves a good dance too, and spent most of the Flagstaff Xmas party on the dance floor showing off his moves. Ryota also has a talent for basketball which he plays regularly on weekends, and has even played in the Special Olympics!