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Flagstaff Document Scanning - the solution to your document management problems!

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2018

Flagstaff Document Scanning - the solution to your document management problems!

Are you spending too much time searching for files in cluttered boxes or running out of space? Flagstaff Document Scanning has the perfect solution! Flagstaff’s Document Scanning service can help you organise and declutter your home and office space. We can take your hard-copy documents and transfer these into a more manageable digital file system. Through the process we scan, index, format, and archive your documents electronically. This allows simple retrieval through the electronic system, where the files are stored in a format of your preference.

If you have messy paperwork, document clutter, or need more space in your office or home, Flagstaff Document Scanning has all your document management solutions. Perfect for homes, office, and personal use, and suitable for small or large quantities!

The benefits include being able to choose to share your files with multiple users and having total control of who has access to ensure security of your confidential files. The online hosting of files also means you’re able to access them anytime you need to.

We also offer secure document destruction after your files are stored electronically, to give you peace of mind and ensure your documents are disposed of safely.

Flagstaff’s Document Scanning service does it all! – Digital file management, collection, sorting, scanning, indexing, archiving, electronic file storage, destruction of confidential documents. Find out more or book a service at or call us on (02) 4272 0257.