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Café Vizioné Closure

Friday, 8 Dec 2017

Café Vizioné Closure

Flagstaff would like to advise our wonderful customers and patrons that as of 20th December 2017 we will cease running the operation of Café Vizioné located at Bluescope.

Flagstaff has been operating the Café for the past four and a half years and we would like to thank our customers for all their support throughout this time! Café Vizioné has provided excellent opportunities for our employees with a disability to develop hospitality skills and customer service experience, some of whom have gone on to find new jobs in open employment. A big thank you to all the Café Vizioné staff and employees who have always been passionate about their roles and delightful to work with.

Flagstaff is working with our 8 dedicated supported employees from the Café to transition them to roles in other Flagstaff divisions. This is an exciting opportunity for them to learn new skills in other areas of Flagstaff, meet new people, and explore any new goals they have. We are looking forward to assisting these supported employees to grow and develop new skills and confidence as they transition to their new roles!

Café Vizioné’s final day of trading will be Wednesday 20th December. If you have any questions about the Café Vizioné closure, please contact Amy Bennett on (02) 4272 0225.