Update - 8 July 2021

The lockdown for Wollongong and Shellharbour areas has been extended to 11.59pm July 16.

Update - 28 June 2021

The following Life Choices programs have been postponed and will not run whilst the “stay at home” COVID-19 order is in place:

 Illawarra Weekend Social and Supper Clubs

  • Illawarra Cooking and Dining Program delivered Tuesday and Thursday nights returning on the 13 and 15 June
  • Home and Away visit will be postponed to 28 August
  • Community health and fitness - Thursdays TBC.

All other programs including SLES in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Macarthur are running with social distancing and other measures in place.

Group and individual fitness programs held at Port Kembla will be delivered in outdoor settings and limited to individuals or small groups.

* * * 

27 June 2021 - On 26 June 2021 the Premier announced new lockdown measures to keep our communities safe.  Lockdowns are in Wollongong and Shellharbour areas until Friday, 9 July 2021.

Flagstaff is considered an essential service providing services to people with disability, the aged and the vulnerable and will remain open to ensure we can support the community.

Our Nowra offices are not affected by the lockdown and will remain business as usual, however employees must now wear masks and continue to frequently wash hands, use sanitiser and social distance.

Getting to work - The Flagstaff buses have cleaning processes in place and will get you to work safely.  Masks must be worn and social distancing on the buses continue.

In the workplace – A mask must be always worn at work. Safety is continually being monitored.  Some employees may be moved to assist busy areas as we understand some people may not be able to attend work or will choose to be in lockdown. We will continue to ensure all our employees who choose to come to work remain as safe as possible.

What you can do to remain safe

  • Always wear a mask at work, on transport and out in the community
  • Keep social distancing
  • Wash your hands often with soap and thoroughly
  • Use hand sanitizer provided throughout the workplace
  • Help your fellow workmates and remind them to keep COVID safe
  • If you cannot attend work, please contact your supervisor
  • If you feel unwell, do not come to work and get a COVID test. Let your supervisor know.

Life Choices - Life Choices programs may be postponed or continued online. If you are enrolled in a program, the team will contact you during the week.

Fine Foods - Fine Foods deliveries will remain as contactless deliveries and will be business as usual as more people will be relying on this service.

Laundry and Paper to Paper – Deliveries will continue but will adhere to business protocols.

If you need help? - The Disability Information Helpline provides information and referrals for people with disability who need help because of COVID-19.  The Helpline is available from Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm by calling 1800 643 787 or visit www.dss.gov.au/disabilityhelp

Keep safe.

 Roy Rogers, CEO