Happy International Print Day - Now is the time to plan Christmas and New Year Direct Mail and more than ever, print is important in getting your message across as people have had enough digital messaging over Covid.

Here are some tips from Flagstaff Print, Mail and Digital to help you plan your Christmas Campaign.

What are your campaign goals?

  • Objective - What do you want to achieve in your campaign?
  • Drive online traffic – Drive customers to a website for online sales
  • Increase sales - Post/telephone orders – drive orders by post, online and telephone directly from the mailing
  • Grow retail traffic – Drive recipients to visit a retail or online store
  • Reward – Ensure your loyal customers are rewarded
  • Thank – Send a simple thank you message, card or gift
  • Engage - Printed Christmas Cards that are personal are appreciated as many people do not send Christmas Cards anymore – making yours stand out.

Christmas offers many types of marketing opportunities. Print and Send:

  • Christmas brochures or catalogues offering gift ideas
  • Christmas cards with offers
  • Christmas Direct Mail – Highlight what happened in 2021 and that your doors are open
  • Calendar 2022 campaigns
  • If you want to be different, try a Happy New Year campaign
  • Why not do a print gift – print pads, to-do lists, or merchandise
  • Send a Hamper – Flagstaff can assemble your wrap your hampers.

Need some more tips?

  • Don't forget to include your contact details
  • Link the campaign to social media
  • Follow-up mailings like a postcard remind customers
  • Create a Call to Action – leave the customer with something to do – call, register, book online, claim the offer in the store
  • Make it Accessible – Consider having Braille versions of your marketing material. Flagstaff Print, Mail and Digital does Braille!
  • Personalise your mailings to make people take note.

Marketing works best when it is integrated with other channels. Integration with advertising, social media, other print follow up, advertisements, follow-up calls, unique coupons, QR codes, purl pages, can have clear results and evaluation to increase campaign response rates.

Consider including Personalisation – Personalise improve response rates and provide an enriched mailing experience for recipients:

When to mail

Timing – the timing of Christmas mailing is important. Here are some tips:

  • Too late: 25 December is too late! Carefully plan latest possible date for mailings. his will vary from business to business
  • Mailing between early to mid-November is often an optimum time
  • Send too late and recipients may have already spent Christmas funds
  • Send too early and people are not ready for Christmas.

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